Jazz, TX

5:30 Show Tickets (No cover)

Reserve a table for our 5:30 show, which takes place nightly (Tues-Sat). The reservation applies to the 5:30 show only, so separate tickets for the 8:30 show are recommended if you wish to stay for...+ More

  • Reservation for 1-20 guests
2 guests
Aug 22, 2017
5:30 Show Tickets (No cover) is not offered on Aug 22 for 2 guests. Try another date or party size.

Jazz, TX

San Antonio, Texas

Live music, dancing and a cozy atmosphere set the stage for an evening at San Antonio’s newest music venue – Jazz, TX. Created by local bandleader Doc Watkins, Jazz, TX combines the class of an upscale Jazz club with the grit of a Texas dance hall. Located in the newly rebuilt Bottling House at the Historic Pearl Brewery, Jazz, TX offers a full kitchen featuring South Texas cuisine, as well as craft cocktails, wine and a variety of Texas beers on tap. Jazz, TX celebrates the broad spectrum of...+ More

Now booking through September 30, 2017

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